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Georgetown McDonough School of Business professor with online class

Online Experience Overview

The Difference is an Innovative, Engaging Learning Environment

Watch the video below to experience the MSF learning platform.

“At the McDonough School of Business, we train principled leaders in the finance industry. We have designed the MSF online program to deliver our world-class curriculum in a way that best prepares our graduates for success. The program combines rigorous training with real-world experiences and empowers students to learn with peers who may be in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington or wherever their career has taken them.”

Professor Allan Eberhart,
MSF Program Director and Professor of Finance

As a student in Georgetown University’s MSF online program, you will participate in a revolutionary educational delivery method that partners synchronous sessions with an asynchronous learning management system. This two-pronged learning environment integrates a collaborative and cognitive relationship between student and faculty, creating a more flexible and engaging learning experience. 

Our groundbreaking learning platform:

  • Combines video presentations with graphics and examples
  • Offers a flexible path to complete coursework
  • Ensures engagement through presentations and assessments
  • Connects you with faculty and peers via chat and video sessions
  • Provides practice opportunities to deepen your understanding of course material

This innovative new approach to online learning captures the very best of on-site lectures in asynchronous learning presentations that feature only the most clear, concise and effective explanations of course material.

Asynchronous learning provides a dynamic, engaging and flexible path through coursework by offering: 

  • State-of-the-art videos where concepts are demonstrated via a virtual whiteboard
  • Real-world problems debated between faculty and peers
  • Student-developed video presentations and sharing

Synchronous learning opportunities consist of: 

  • Virtual live classrooms where you interact directly with your professors and classmates on case study discussions, debates and more
  • Live chat sessions that enable you to engage with classmates in real time

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The online MSF is approved for most states in the US, but is still awaiting full approval from a few select states. Please contact (866) 531-4825 or click here to determine if you are located in a state in which Georgetown University can confer a degree.